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Train your learners in a collaborative and friendly place


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Choose a unique experience

  • Immersive and engaging gathering places
  • Tables in your space, for efficient and quick breakout rooms
  • Customizable tables, tailored to your workshops

Ease your mental load


  • Streamlining sub-group activities
  • Ready-to-use templates for your case studies
  • Integrating all your resources and activities
  • Simplifying videoconferencing tools (chat, questionnaire, etc.)

Conduct your collaborative workshops


  • An environment serving collective intelligence and active pedagogies
  • Keep your participants involved at all times


  • “Glowbl’s gaming functions help make our events more interactive! ”

    Pascal Gayat

    Founder - Les Cas D'Or Du Digital

  • “Glowbl has now become an unavoidable learning tool.”

    Bertrand Cauwet

    Design & Build Accountant - Capgemini

  • “We use Glowbl in different ways, and this tool meets many of our needs. That’s also why we recommend it to our partners.”

    Thibaut Chesneau

    Project manager - Institut de Formation du Football

  • “With Glowbl, you really feel immersed in an environment that reproduces the codes of a real training room”

    Benjamin Pagliai

    Co-founder - Co’efficience³


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