Bridge the gap between face-to face

and virtual experience


Glowbl is a platform for team facilitation and engaging sessions.


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More than 200,000 users have already chosen the Glowbl experience


Get out of the box, offer a human and fun experience

Keep your freedom to move

Each participant is represented by a bubble showing a face, expressions and fun. The visibility on the group of bubbles is constant. They move around the space and get closer the ones to the others.

« The concept of the bubble is very empowering and I had never seen that on any other platform . »

Valentine Viard

Founder and President


Settle in a unique environment

Lasting spaces can be customised graphically to create an identity and design a unique atmosphere. Imagine user journeys by using the mapping of Glowbl spaces.

« The links are always the same and the concept of having rooms that are there for the long term sends a different message than short-lived appointments. »

Valentine Viard

Founder and President


Generate collective intelligence

Smart tables integrate all your facilitation tools and they stay close to hand. This brand-new way of sharing contents and collaborate all together highlights contributions and stimulates collective work.

« I can participate cooperatively and in a smooth and automatic manner. It is totally in line with collaborative working methods. »

Valentine Viard

Founder and President


Meet your goals efficiently

You easily run your session thanks to a complete visual supervision of the group. You organise your activities smoothly, with no need to open another window or another tab.

« Glowbl is just like what we do in real life. It has helped us keep on track and maintain the same training approach. »

Thibaut Chesneau

Project lead


USe cases

What should you use Glowbl for?

  • Glowbl Workplace


    In a secure working environment that is always open to its members, without the need for appointments or emails, switch from a planning and channel strategy to a group-work management approach with your usual tools (Google, Miro,, etc.)


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  • Virtual classrooms & seminars


    A highly intuitive tool to ensure you never feel alone in front of your screen, but instead have a lively group of participants students ready to learn and take ownership of their training.


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  • Corporate digital events


    Annual corporate seminars, conventions, recruitment forums, showrooms…

    Create a unique event to get out of the box with collective conferences and small-group workshops.


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Glowbl is also…

  • Made in Europe GDPR compliant

  • SaaS solution

  • Patented solution

  • Security first with encrypted data